Products & Sales
Automatic Transmission

Antique and Vintage parts from  1950 onwards
Shift Kits and High Performance  Parts
Transmission Workshop Manuals
Solenoids and Electrical  Components
Hoses, Unions, Coolers,  Universal Filters
Full Line of Soft and Hard Parts
Speedo Drive and Driven Gears
Seal Kits,  Individual Gaskets
Bands, Frictions and Steels
Transmission Service Kits
Transmission Oil Coolers
Bushes and Washers
Additives and Sealants
Seals and O’rings
Kickdown Cables
Engine Mounts

Power Steering

Seal Kits and individual Seals for  Pumps, Boxes,
Rack and Pinions
Inner Rack Ends
Manual and Power Steering
Service items including Hoses,  Brackets and
Union Filters

Crown Wheel and Pinions sets for all makes
Genuine and aftermarket.
Axle gears and pinion gears
Huge range of Axles
Full Spools and Mini Spools
Complete LSD hemispheres
Gaskets, Seals, Orings
Various types of Lockers and True Tracs
Wheel Bearing Kits
Inner parts kits
Bearing kits

Manual Gearboxes & Transfer Case Parts

Transfer Case Kits & Hard Parts
Gearbox Kits & Hard Parts
Manual Gear Box
Syncro rings
Rebuild kits